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Can vacuum pump filters be used on blowers?

    You will find that the filters of some of air compressors, blowers and vacuum pumps are very similar. But they actually have differences. Some manufacturers will sell products that do not meet customer needs in order to make a profit, leading to customers just wasting money. We also often receive inquiries about filters for other equipment, and we inform customers that we sell filters for vacuum pumps. 

    As we are not familiar with other equipment, we are afraid of causing customer losses and risk the reputation of our company, we do not sell them recklessly. However, we have indeed made filters for the blower several times, provided that they can meet the customer's needs.

    There was a customer who runs a mold factory. When using CNC machine tools for machining, he will use cutting fluid to cool down the cutting tools and high-temperature workpieces. However, when the cutting fluid contacts with high-temperature workpieces, it will generate oil mist, which does affect the machining of the mold. Therefore, he inquire us about the oil mist filter. But what he used is a high-pressure blower. Then, our salesperson contacted technical engineer to connect with customers. After understanding the customer's working conditions and requirements, our engineer modified the filter and customized a plan for the customer. In addition to several attempts in China, we also made several sets of conductive filters that can be used for blowers for a British customer.


    All attempts were successful - those filters met the needs of customers. However, we still focus on vacuum pump filters and have obtained nearly 20 patents. If you have any needs for vacuum filtration, please feel free to contact us. We will expand our business in the field of vacuum pump services, and we also sell gas-liquid separators, vacuum pump silencers, etc. in China. Now LVGE are working hard to improve these new products and reduce costs, so that our products can serve more customers and be recognized by them.

Post time: Feb-19-2024