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Happy Women’s Day!

   International Women's Day, observed on March 8, celebrates women's achievements and emphasizes gender equality and women's well-being. Women play a multifaceted role, contributing to family, economy, justice, and social progress. Empowering women benefits society by creating an inclusive, equitable world.

   LVGE prepares gifts for female employees on Women's Day every year. Last year's gift was fruit and scarf gift box, and this year's gift is flowers and fruit tea. LVGE also prepares fruit tea for the male employees, allowing them to also benefit from the festival and participate in it together.

   Our female employees use labor, sweat, and even creativity to produce excellent filters, prove their abilities and realize their own value. In some fields, their meticulous even makes them perform better than men. They make everyone see the charm of women, and that they are as capable as men in many jobs. Gentleness, Beauty, Bravery, and Diligence are their strengths! Thanks for their hard work and dedication!

   Here, LVGE wishes all women a happy Women's Day! Hope all women have the opportunity to receive education, work, and enjoy equal rights!


Post time: Mar-08-2024