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Parallel Vacuum Pump Filter

   Parallel Vacuum Pump Filter

    We all know that oil mist filter is an important component for vacuum pump. Most vacuum pumps cannot do without oil mist filter. It can collect oil molecules from the exhaust and condense them into vacuum pump oil, so that it can reduce the cost and protect our ecological environment. As vacuum pumps come in various forms and sizes, so we have to design different forms of oil mist filters for them. And sometimes, due to space issues, it is necessary to add bends or long pipes to connect the vacuum pump and filter.

    We produced a parallel filter for a customer as pictures shows. The customer wanted to customize an oil mist filter for his vacuum pump whose displacement was up to 5,400m³/h. The general oil mist filter can not meet the demand of such high displacement mainly because their filtering area is not enough. If we increase the filtering area by customizing a large filter, the time and cost will be pretty high. Considering the above issues and the space size of the customer's workshop, our engineers proposed to connect two existing oil mist filters in parallel. We call it “twins”.

  In this way, the filter has enough filtering area to meet the demand of the displacement, and has a long service life to avoid frequent replacement. Please note that the filter was inverted for convenience in placing in the above pictures. The actual installation effect is shown in the following picture. As a result,, the filter met the requirement, and the customer was very satisfied with this customized solution. LVGE has done a spectacular job once again!

    Similarly, we can connect multiple filters in parallel to meet the demand for larger displacement. Customers’ requirements vary from person to person, and the filtration solutions are also vary. As a vacuum pump filter manufacturer with over ten years of industry experience, LVGE specializes in designing and manufacturing various types of vacuum pump filters, committed to providing you with suitable filtration solutions.

Post time: Aug-29-2023