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Relief valve of Oil Mist Filter – Small Device with Big Effect

    Among the wide variety of vacuum pumps, oil sealed vacuum pumps are the most favored by users. If you are a user of oil sealed vacuum pumps, you must be definitely familiar with the oil mist filter. But, do you know the secret of the oil mist filter element that helps the safe operation of oil sealed vacuum pumps? That’s the theme of our article, the pressure relief valve!

Leybold Vacuum Pump Oil Mist Filter 71416340

    Although it doesn't help with filtering, it has been protecting our equipment during operation. As is known to all, oil mist filter can effectively intercept oil molecules of the exhaust gas to reduce the gas pollution. However, the filter element will be blocked by the oil impurities after long-term use. And then, the air pressure inside the filter will rise since the gas cannot be discharged. When the air pressure reaches a certain threshold, the relief valve will automatically open, allowing the gas to be discharged to avoid equipment damage. 

    Actually, not all oil mist filters have relief valves. But the absence of a pressure relief valve does not mean that the filter is unqualified. The filter paper of some filter elements will burst upon reaching a certain pressure. There is no danger here, just a reminder that you should replace the filter element. The oil filter also has a device similar to a pressure relief valve, which is a bypass valve. However, the bypass valve is designed to ensure timely supply of vacuum pump oil.

Leybold Vacuum Pump Filter Cartridge 71064763

    With the help of oil mist filter, the intercepted oil molecules will aggregate into oil droplets, and fall into the oil tank. What’s more is that the collected vacuum pump oil can be reused. Therefore, the oil mist can save a lot of costs including vacuum pump oil and equipment maintenance. We have to regularly check and replace the filter element, which is worthwhile.

Post time: Oct-17-2023