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Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

    Rotary vane vacuum pump is a type of oil sealed vacuum pump and one of the most basic vacuum acquisition equipment. Rotary vane vacuum pumps are mostly small and medium-sized vacuum pumps, divided into two types: single-stage vacuum pumps and two-stage vacuum pumps. Most rotary vane vacuum pumps are two-stage pumps. The so-called two-stage pump actually refers to connect two single-stage pumps in series to achieve a higher vacuum degree.


    The rotary vane vacuum pump mainly consists of stator, rotor and rotary vane, etc. Internally, the rotor is loaded into the stator off center. There are two rotating vanes in the rotor slot, and the spring is placed between them. The intake and exhaust ports on the stator are isolated by the rotor and rotor blades. Through the continuous operation of rotary vanes, the vacuum pump sucks and compresses the dry gas in the container to achieve vacuum.

    However, the rotary vane vacuum pump cannot suck gases containing dust particles. In general, we would recommend users to install an intake filter to prevent dust particles from being sucked into the pump and causing wear of the pump. Especially if there are a large number of dust particles in the air, it is necessary to install an intake filter. More importantly, we must install a suitable intake filter based on the size of the dust and the pumping speed of the vacuum pump. The rotary vane vacuum pump is also unable to suck gases with high oxygen content, or corrosive and prone to chemical reactions with the pump oil. These more complex situations require additional processing.


    Moreover, we also recommend installing an oil mist separator at the exhaust port to reduce emission pollution and recover pump oil to reduce costs.

    Hope the above knowledge about rotary vane vacuum pumps can help you. When using a vacuum pump, matching the corresponding intake filter and oil mist separator can prolong the service life of your vacuum pump. If any other problems, please feel free to inquire us at any time. LVGE is professional at vacuum pump filter.


Post time: Sep-26-2023