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What is the vacuum pump oil mist filter?

Vacuum pump oil mist separator is also known as vacuum pump oil mist filter and oil-gas separator. The working principle is as follows: the oil-gas mixture discharged by the vacuum pump enters the oil mist separator from the exhaust port, and passes through the filter material of the filter element under the push of the exhaust pressure. At this time, the fine oil molecules are captured by the glass fiber filter paper, and the gas passes through the finer holes of the glass fiber filter paper. 

As the mixture of oil and gas continues to flow outward, more and more oil molecules are captured and pushed outward by the exhaust pressure, and the small oil molecules coalesce into large oil particles, which drip into the tank due to gravity after being squeezed out of the filter element. Relatively clean gas is discharged out of the pump and oil is trapped, thus realizing the separation process of gas and oil.

The filtered vacuum pump oil is recycled along with the oil return pipe, and oil-free waste gas is discharged, so as to achieve pollution-free and clean effects.


Vacuum pump is mainly used in woodworking industry, blister industry, PCB industry, printing industry, CCL industry, SMT industry, photoelectric machinery, chemical industry, flat vulcanization, food processing and packaging, environmental protection industry, hospital negative pressure system, electronic industry, laboratory, general machinery industry and plastic industry. After the vacuum pump oil mist filter is installed, the discharged oil mist can be purified, the environment is protected, and the vacuum pump oil can be recovered, so that the cost is saved.

The vacuum field is a blue ocean with great potential, and the technology is widely used. As an enterprise with more than ten years of experience in the vacuum industry, Filterge Industry is committed to providing customers with high-quality products such as vacuum pump oil mist filters and filter elements. Do you now understand more about vacuum pump oil mist filters?

Post time: Jan-31-2023