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Founding Principles or Bulk Orders?

    All enterprises are constantly facing various challenges. Striving for more orders and seizing the opportunity to survive in the cracks is almost the top priority for enterprises. But orders sometimes is a challenge, and obtaining orders may not necessarily be the first choice for enterprises.

  In the past few years, many new and old customers have reported to us the noise problem during the operation of vacuum pumps, and that they have not found a good solution. So we decided to start developing vacuum pump silencers. After unremitting efforts from the R&D department, we have finally succeeded and started selling silencers. A few days after its release, we received an inquiry. The customer expressed interest in our muffler and wanted to personally visit us. “If satisfied, I would place a large order.” This news makes us feel very excited. We all were preparing to receive this VIP.

Vacuum Pump Silencer

    The customer arrived as scheduled, and we led him to visit the workshop and tested the performance of the silencer in the laboratory. He was very satisfied and asked many related questions, such as our production efficiency and raw materials. Finally, we began to draft the contract. But during this process, the customer believed that the price was high and suggested that we reduce the price through using inferior raw materials or reducing materials. That way, he can more easily sell to others and also win more orders for us. Our general manager stated that we need time to consider and will provide a response to the customer the next day.

    After the customer left, the general manager and sales team had a discussion. It has to be admitted that this was a large order. From a revenue perspective, we should sign this order. But we still politely declined this order because the product represents our reputation. Reducing the quality of raw materials will affect the effectiveness of the silencer and the experience of user. If we agreed to the customer's request, although there is a considerable profit, the cost is the good reputation accumulated over the past decade. 

meeting of vacuum pump manufacturer

     In the end, the general manager held a meeting on this matter, encouraging us not to lose our principles due to interests. Although we lost this order, we held onto our founding principles, so we, LVGE are bound to go further and further on the path of vacuum filtration!

Post time: May-25-2024