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Inlet Filter with Differential Pressure Gauge

    Vacuum technology has been applied to industrial production for a long time. With the rapid development of industrial production, requirements for vacuum technology are also increasing, such as higher vacuum degree and faster pumping speed. The higher requirements for vacuum technology promote the continual upgrading of vacuum pumps, which also requires LVGE to design new vacuum pump filters to better serve our customers.

    Once, a customer came to us for a customized intake filter. He told us that the pumping speed of his vacuum pump is very high, and due to the needs of working conditions, he hopes to maintain high pumping speed after installing the filter. In addition, considering the pumping speed will be affected because of the blockage of the filter after a period of use, he hoped that the filter can reflect the operation of the filter element in time, so that he can replace the filter element timely when it is blocked.

    After getting the situation, our R&d team immediately started designing according to the customer's requirements. Our engineers thought that the pressure difference inside the filter will increase due to the blockage of the filter element. Therefore, we can infer the blockage of the filter element through the increase in pressure difference inside the filter. Finally, we create a inlet filter with a differential pressure gauge. Customers can observe the differential pressure gauge, and promptly determine whether there is a blockage in the filter element. 

Inlet filter with differential pressure gauge

    The successful application of this design not only satisfied the customer, but also broadened our train of thought on vacuum pump filter design. As a vacuum pump filter manufacturer with over ten years of experience, in order to provide customers with higher quality solutions and products, LVGE always focus on research and development. Now we have obtained over 15 patents, but we won't be satisfied with this.

Post time: Nov-14-2023